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Antenna Products and Site Solutions - Featuring MAXRAD, Antenna Specialists, Bluewave, and Wi-Sys brands

PCTEL is a global leader in the design and development of innovative antennas and site solutions for Public Safety, Defense, GPS, SATCOM, Industrial Wireless, Broadband Wireless, Fleet Management and SCADA applications.

Featured Products

Base Station Antenna Line

PIM-Rated 700 MHz/LTE Small Cell Antennas

These antennas meet cellular carrier performance requirements to minimize interference and optimize LTE network performance.

PIM-Rated 700MHz/LTE Small Cell Base Station Antennas

PCTEL’s PIM-rated 700 MHz Small Cell Base Station Antennas are designed for high-density LTE network coverage. These rugged, compact antennas can be mounted remotely or installed directly on a microcell, metrocell, or picocell. In addition to PIM testing, these antennas undergo environmental testing in PCTEL’s labs and are fully sealed for an IP67-compliant design when properly mounted. Remote mount models (BOA7465) cover 746-787 MHz, while direct-mount models are available for frequency ranges of 698-746 MHz (BOA6982DINM) and 749-790 MHz (BOA7452DINM).


  • PIM-rated design for optimal system performance
  • UV stable fiberglass radome
  • IP67 rated design when properly installed
Mobile Towers

PCT Lattice Series Mobile Towers

PCTEL's mobile communication towers provide a customizable platform for temporary tower and communication applications.

High Rejection GPS Antennas

GPS/GLONASS High Rejection Antennas

Dual-band antennas covering both GPS L1 and GLONASS L1 frequencies with PCTEL’s industry-leading high rejection performance.

GPS/GLONASS High Rejection Time Sync Antennas

These daul-band antennas cover both GPS L1 and GLONASS L1 frequencies. Their high rejection design makes them ideal for small cells and other LTE base stations. The GPS/GLONASS High Rejection Time Sync Antenna (8171D-(N)DH-W) comes in in a small, conical form factor to minimize perching and provide runoff, with mount and connector options. The GPS/GLONASS High Rejection Time Sync and Asset Tracking Antenna (8171D-HR) comes in a low profile package for vehicle mounting or fixed installations.


  • Industry Leading Out-of-Band Rejection
  • 26 dB LNA Gain
  • Low noise figure < 2.0 dB
Mobile Antenna Line

Dual LTE MIMO, WiFi, and GPS Antenna

This multiband dual LTE MIMO antenna also includes high rejection GPS and dual-band MIMO WiFi (802.11n) in a single compact housing.

Dual LTE MIMO, Dual WiFi, High Rejection GPS Mobile Antenna (GPSHPDLTEMIMO-SF)

This dual LTE MIMO antenna provides optimal 4G LTE and dual band 802.11n WiFi coverage in a single 5-port, low profile housing. The antenna also incorporates a high rejection GPS LNA assembly for optimal performance and support of carrier voice and data networks.


  • No tune, multiband coverage: dual 4G LTE, dual 802.11n WiFi and GPS L1 frequencies
  • Metal 1-inch stud mount with slotted jam nut provides single cable exit for easier installation and/or antenna replacement
  • Attractive low profile housing for added overhead clearance
  • IP67 compliant design provides maximum protection against water or dust ingress under severe environmental conditions
MIMO Antenna Line

In-Building MIMO WiFi Antenna

The MPMI24580406-RPC dual-band, 802.11n MIMO antenna provides four-port diversity coverage of 2.4 and 5 GHz broadband wireless frequencies in an attractive, compact package.

MPMI24580406-RPC Dual-Band, Four-Port, 802.11n MIMO Directional Antenna

The 802.11n MIMO WiFi panel antenna provides four-port diversity coverage of 2.4-2.5 GHz WiFi and 4.9-5.9 GHz broadband wireless frequencies in an attractive, compact package. It is designed with UL 94-V0 listed plastic and PC boards to address strict building safety codes for indoor installations. Multi-port MIMO functionality and optimized radiation pattern design enables high data throughput levels for data-intensive applications. It is ideal for enclosure, wall, or mast mount installations in classrooms, hospitals, office buildings, or retail establishments.


  • Multiband coverage of 2.4-2.5 GHz ISM and 4.9-5.9 GHz broadband wireless frequencies
  • Four dual-band 2.4/5 GHz integrated elements
  • Attractive low profile housing
  • UL 94-V0 listed plastic and PC boards address strict building safety codes
Infrastructure Antenna Line

Enclosed Yagi MIMO Antennas

PCTEL's directional yagi antennas enable high-speed directional WiFi coverage for broadband wireless applications. Available in 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz models.

Directional Yagi MIMO Antennas | WISP24252MIMO and WISP51583MIMO

PCTEL’s directional yagis can be used as bridge antennas between two networks or for point-to-point communications. The 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz Enclosed Yagi MIMO Antennas are suited for long range broadband wireleess access applications. They provide highspeed directional WiFi coverage and optimized data throughput in a rugged, low profile housing. They are ideal for pointto- point installations in challenging environmental settings such as subways, highways, smart grids, oil and gas fields, and wireless backhaul applications.


  • 802.11n MIMO performance for optimized data speed and throughput
  • Ruggedized housing with drain vents for long lasting, reliable performance in severe environmental conditions
  • High gain for optimized point to point reach and connectivity
  • Low profile design for added installation flexibility

Access Point Specific Ceiling Tile Enclosure

PCTEL's newest ceiling tile enclosure model, SP-RCT-004-225, is designed to be compatible with the Aruba Networks® AP-225 access point.

Ceiling Tile Enclosure for Aruba Access Points

Our ceiling tile enclosure is a convenient, secure method to assist in preventing theft and tampering of WLAN radio equipment for locations requiring an aesthetically pleasing, low profile footprint.


  • Steel enclosure with hinged doors
  • Powder coated white to match most ceiling tiles
  • Easy to mount to most recessed ceiling tile environments
  • Internal mounting plate to accomodate the AP-225
  • Key lock/latch included
  • Standard 24" x 24" ceiling tile footprints
  • Fits 2' x 4' tile footprint with minor trimming
WiFi Antenna Line

Low Profile WiFi Access Point Antenna

The PCTMI2458-RPC is a low profile antenna is optimized for operation with reverse polarity TNC compatible broadband wireless MIMO (802.11n) access points operating at 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz frequencies.

PCTMI2458-RPC Low Profile Access Point Antenna for Broadband Wireless

The PCTMI2458-RPC is a very low profile antenna is optimized for operation with reverse polarity TNC compatible broadband wireless MIMO (802.11n) access points operating at 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz frequencies. The rugged, UV resistant housing makes it suitable for use in a wide variety of indoor applications, including office LAN environments, factory floors, and retail establishments.


  • Omnidirectional antenna for indoor operation
  • Outstanding performance in a very low profile housing
  • White UL 94-V0 plastic housing
  • Built directly on an RPTNC plug connector
  • No more than 3.26 inches long including the connector
Surge & Lightning Protection

Lightning Arrestor SX Series DC Block

Patented protection for single or multi-channel transmitters and receivers.

PCT-AL-LSXM Lightning Arrestor

Patented SX radio frequency DC blocked filter protectors are ideal for RF coaxial applications where DC is not required.


  • High surge current capability
  • Low let-through voltage and throughput energy
  • Fully weatherized housing
  • Multi-strike capability
  • DC shorted filter design, no DC continuity between center pins
  • Ideal use for applicaitons where dc is not required on the coaxial cable

PCTEL Connected Solutions for Public and Private Network Applications

PCTEL Connected Solutions develops and delivers high performance land mobile radio, WiFi, WiMAX, GPS, VHF, UHF and cellular antennas through its PCTEL, MAXRAD®, Antenna Specialists™, Bluewave™ and Wi-Sys™ brands. Its antenna portfolio includes omnidirectional, flat panel, parabolic, Yagi, mobile, multiband and wideband antennas for indoor and outdoor applications. In addition to its antenna products, PCTEL offers site solutions such as coaxial and fiber optic cable assemblies, RF and data lightning protection, custom enclosures and mobile towers. The company's products are used in applications such as public safety, military, healthcare, education, hospitality, warehousing, fleet management, transit, positive train control, precision agriculture, telemetry, in-building wireless, RFID, mobile data offloading, wireless backhaul, industrial, process automation, SCADA, smart grid, utilities and oil & gas.

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PCTEL Connected Solutions’ Quality Management System for the design, manufacture and sale of antenna products for the communication industry has been registered compliant with the ISO 9001:2008 Standard.

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